Types of Bonuses Online Casinos are Offering



Online casinos offer various types of bonuses to lure more clients to play regularly at their websites. These bonuses serve as motivating factors for users to participate in more casino games thus creating a livelier and healthier online casino atmosphere.

Signup bonuses

Players, after making their initial deposits are offered bonuses by many online casinos. These bonuses are equivalent to certain percentages of a player’s initial deposit. But several online casinos require players to make a minimum amount of bets before they can cash out these sign-up bonuses.

An example of a signup bonus:

The online casinos present a newly registered player a 100% signup bonus for his initial deposit of $100. The player must make a bet 25 times the entire value of the initial deposit in addition to the bonus, before claiming the bonus money.

In contrast, there are casino bonuses that need no deposit to collect them. Some of these no deposit bonuses may include:

Awarding players hard cash, for example $5.

Free spins on selected games and the player kept whatever winnings he earned.

Player is awarded additional playing time.

Cashable bonuses

This is the common type of casino bonuses. Cashable bonuses may be exchange for cash soon after a player had completed a betting condition. An online casino can offer a player a 100% return of his initial deposit with a betting condition of $2000. After completing the $2000 required bet, a player can now claim the $100 bonus.

This type of bonus is not available to some casino games which include: roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, video poker among others.

Sticky bonuses

Another type of casino bonus is the “sticky” or “non-cashable” bonus. Sticky bonus can take the form of a wager, but it can’t be exchange for cash. When the player tries to make a withdrawal, this bonus is normally deducted from the withdrawal sheet. A player might receive a $100 sticky bonus with a betting condition of $2000. When the player reached the required betting condition of $2000, the player then can bet both the sticky bonus and his initial deposit. After the player cash out, the $100 sticky bonus would be automatically removed from the withdrawal sheet.

The sticky bonus illustrated above is occasionally called the “phantom bonus.” Sticky bonuses do have other variations in which players are not required to exceed their initial balance just to get a withdrawal. In its place any win is instantly cashable.

Cash back bonuses

These bonuses are awarded after a player loss. Part of his loss is given back in the form of hard money. For instance, a casino could tender a weekly 25% cash back bonus. Any player, who had suffered a loss in a week span would get 25% of what he lost. In contrast, player who registers a win within a particular week is not entitled to a cash pay back. Cash back bonuses are rarely offered by online casinos.

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