The Mobile Gaming Experience



The gambling market in the UK is built upon the success of over one hundred traditional casinos and betting parlours in dozens of communities. The market became more convenient for players when companies developed online casinos, which are accessible by logging in from any home computer. But the market revolutionized itself once again as people began using smartphones, and gambling firms created mobile applications of their popular betting sites.

Mobile gambling is growing by leaps and bounds, particularly in the UK. Government data from the end of 2012 suggests almost half of the population owns at least one smartphone. Gambling firms recognized they could develop a new segment of the overall gambling market that operates from smartphones. As a result, the mobile gambling industry reportedly grew faster than any other segment of the market during 2012.

What attracts players to mobile casinos is that they can fit in their favourite games while going through their daily commutes and routines. In the past, gambling in a traditional or online casino meant arranging time in the day to place a few bets. But by using a smartphone to access a casino on the go, players can place their bets without taking time away from their busy schedule. In fact, mobile gaming reduces the amount of time players are able to spend on betting, which promotes a responsible gaming experience.

Players responded positively to the UK mobile casinos, and newer companies sprung up to devote themselves to the lucrative mobile gaming market. One of the newest casinos is Trada, the casino where gaming is on the move. Players can login to the UK’s newest gaming experience from the convenience of their phones, and select from a collection of the most popular casino games on the web and the mobile network.


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