Playing in Online Casinos with Third Party Account



Credit cards provide the best option for paying a game of wager in online casinos. The convenience that online casino players get from this credit card payment option is highly pleasurable.

Depositing payment to an online casino used to be just a sweep of a plastic card. In an instant, an online casino player is able to deposit or withdraw their money through their credit cards. But these convenient payment structures of using credit cards that online casino players enjoy are no longer plausible to use.

Owing to the mandate of the US legislations pertaining to the prohibitions imposed to credit card issuing banks against the use of their financial services for paying with a gambling purpose, the option for credit card payment to an online casino becomes no longer available. Owing to the pressure of the anti-gambling law in the US, many credit card companies have backed down from servicing payment to online casinos to avoid liabilities in the future.

Another payment option which has become widely and popularly became available in lieu of credit cards is the use of a third party account. The third party account payment option used to wager in online casinos has provided online gamblers a universal funding to access online gambling sites and wager without the involvement of a credit card for payment means.

Third party companies such as Neteller, Citadel and Firepay usually offer a third party account to gamblers. It only takes to open and account with them using an amount coming from a casino player’s credit card. The third party account becomes an instant virtual account of an online casino player that they can use to finance their gambling activity.

Payment and withdrawal of winning are all processed through the third party account without the constraint of using an online casino player’s credit card account directly when gambling. It gives more leeway to online casino players to plunge into gambling wager without the hassles.

Neteller accounts are easier to use with instant check out process upon the desire of the casino player to withdraw their winnings. The process duration involves a shorter period with Neteller than any other third party account provider. But the process of verification of an account owner may be painstaking to ensure that only the legitimate owner of the account is able to process a financial transaction with their company.

The process usually involves logging on by the player using the address stated on their bank and or credit card account. Failure to provide accurate information as to the account owner’s identity will subject the online casino player to endure the exhausting effort of supplying relevant information required for the third party account provider’s security requirements.

All financial transactions using a third party account to finance a wagered online casino activity is secure, fast, reliable and convenient. It allows online casino players to continue enjoying their gambling activity despite their payment freedom to finance gambling using credit cards was curtailed.

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