Good things about gambling



There are lot’s of good things related to gambling, some of the best thing are the casino it self. Often tips when we think of gambling we think of Las Vegas where there are lot’s of lights and the city never sleeps. Some of the great things about gambling have to be in the destination it self. Just going on a trip somewhere is exciting and new.

Of course the one of the best things about gambling is actually winning the game your betting on. People get lost in the noise and sounds of the casino and feel almost high from a gambling win.

Free drinks almost every casino I have ever been in gives you free drinks all night long as long as your playing in there casino.

Free shows and tickets: Often times as a perk a casino might give you free tickets to an up coming show just because you’re a guest in there casino.

The buffet: I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I like to eat and in Las Vegas and Reno they have these all you can eat buffets that are real good and you can chose a lot of different kinds of foods.

Drink on the street: In Las Vegas I thought it was amazing that you can take your alcoholic drink out side and bring it with you from each casino to the next. There are not a lot of places that let you do this so I thought it was a great novelty to do on my vacation.

The night clubs: In Las Vegas they have great night clubs that are often attached to the casino themselves. There is lot’s of dancing and fun to be had in the late night hour when your on a trip at a casino in Vegas.

These are some of the great things about gambling and casino’s that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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